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Director’s Welcome Message

image004.jpgDEAR FRIENDS,

Thank you for your interest in the Educational Center COSMOPOLITAN and our programs. I am Natalia Bodrova, Director of the Center, and I am happy to introduce you to our company. Whether you are interested in learning Russian or getting the cultural experience, we are dedicated to providing you with the best program options possible.

Our Educational Center offers high quality Russian language and cultural study programs, provides volunteer opportunities, runs summer and winter camps for children and teenagers, organizes tourist programs. We believe that the individual approach and complete language and cultural immersion, that we apply in our school, are the most effective methods of language learning and expanding your knowledge of the local culture. You can expect a warm and friendly atmosphere along with professional service. Our goal is that you have the most enjoyable and worthwhile experience possible during your stay with us.

Siberia has been opening up to the West and offers a range of still unexplored experiences and opportunities. As the cultural, scientific and educational center of Siberia and the third largest city of Russia (after Moscow and St.Petersburg), surrounded by picturesque wooded and field areas, Novosibirsk is an excellent place for immersion in the Russian language and culture, and provides many opportunities to experience the hospitality and cordiality Siberians are famous for.

I am happy to invite you to come to Siberia and get the first-hand experience of our culture. We have attempted to give you as complete a picture of our programs as possible in this website, but if you have additional questions please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I look forward to hearing from you!


Natalia Bodrova,

When are you going to come to Russia?








news in Brief


Immerse yourself in a Russian community and culture, not simply as a tourist, but as a part of an international team. Join a group of volunteers from different countries, spend 2-8 weeks working at the LINKING THE PLANET International Summer Language Camp, living and having fun together while helping a community, and come home with a reward that lasts longer than an ordinary paycheck! You will have an incredible experience that will open your mind and heart in ways many only dream about. Apply NOW !


Take advantage of the application deadline extension for the SIBERIAN WONDERLAND Winter Language Camp and apply NOW! With lots of exciting activities to keep you cool outside and just as much entertainment to keep you warmed up inside, you will find that our "SIBERIAN WONDERLAND" Winter Camp is a perfect place to spend your winter break in January of 2010!


Janet Dornan, Northern Ireland: “Wow!! What an experience!! I keep trying to tell people here, what I was doing, but they cannot get their heads round it. Thank you so much for organising everything for us. Siberian people are so friendly and have fantastic sense of humour.”
Read more about our former volunteers’ experiences.


A record in the Guinness Book has commemorated Novosibirsk as the fastest growing city in the world for reaching the population of 1,000,000 people quicker than any other. More about Novosibirsk…


Stephen Beet, a teacher who was head of department in UK schools for many years, currently living in France: “I would like to highly recommend the programmes run by the Educational Centre Cosmopolitan of which Natalia Bodrova is Principal. I have been participating in these programmes for several years as a volunteer teacher. Natalia and her team are highly organised and very caring and run a very happy and purposeful programme. If I can help in any way, do get in touch at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Read more about our former volunteers’ experiences.

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Former Participants

Daniel Soars

Daniel Soars with the Russian teacher in the Railway Museum.jpgJune 2003
I want to thank you for making me so welcome and ensuring that I had the time of my life - I feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful people and had such a fabulous time, and am already looking forward to the next time.
I bet there's not many Englishmen who can claim to have so many brilliant friends in Siberia!

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Peter Thomas

3 Peter Thomas (on the right) as Magician Malgrim.jpgJune-July 2006, June-July 2007
I had a WONDERFUL time again this summer, and I will certainly come back in the future!
Russia is a country that is going through many changes at the moment. I find it a fascinating country for this reason also because it has had a close connection with my country at many times in its history. I enjoy studying the Russian language and experiencing the culture at Cosmopolitan camp.

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Bonnie Sumner

12 Bonnie Sumner (in the center), James Bertolini, Michael Lenartz (on the right) at the Mayor's Office in Zelenogorsk.jpgAugust 1999
SLS--Summer Language School, but also Students Loving School--provides a balance of academic, career exploration, sport, and culture into two wonderful weeks in Siberia. It is an opportunity to work with highly motivated students who are taking vacation time to learn in a camp-like atmosphere. Learning and teaching in the SLS departs from the "teach to prepare for the test" syndrome.
Students explore learning in co-operative learning groups and hone real life skills through creative and innovative teaching strategies and curriculum. It's not all work and no play, because part of the learning process is learning how to use recreational/leisure time. There is something for everyone: soccer, volleyball, badminton, swimming, singing, dancing, and lounging with friends. Excursions into the city for a museum visit, attending a concert or city fair, and of course shopping help solidify newly formed relationships.
For teachers outside of Russia, traveling to Siberia is a rare gift. The geography is overwhelmingly beautiful and is only surpassed by the people one meets and the friendships that are made.

Read more ...

Adam Stanford

Adam Stanford Performing a Kangaroo.jpgAugust 2005
Thanks for a wonderful camp!

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Cynthia Dragoni

cynthia_dragoni.jpgJuly-August 2004
I think this camp is a wonderful place for children. They are very enthusiastic.


Read more ...


Q: What do volunteers gain?

A: Volunteers gain more than just job satisfaction from working for the Cosmopolitan program. Though the experience of seeing young people growing and developing as they experience a different culture can be very fulfilling. Volunteering for the Cosmopolitan program gives professionals a chance to use their work skills in the voluntary sector to promote intercultural learning.

But volunteering also offers people a chance to do something new and to gain new skills and experience which may prove to be invaluable later in their own work. Finally, volunteering for the Cosmopolitan program offers volunteers a chance to meet like minded people and to make new friends not only in Russia but around the World.
All volunteers have an excellent opportunity to attend Russian languages classes taught by well-educated native speakers trained to teach foreigners. No previous knowledge of Russian is required to get enrolled in the Russian course.
We organise an exciting cultural, social and excursion program for international participants of the camp, which is a very enriching experience. You will be involved in interaction with the Russian children, youth and adults all the time. This is the kind of experience you will never get if you come to Russia as a tourist. You will gain a first-hand experience of the Russian culture and life style, and particularly the Siberian one. They say if you want to know what real Russia is like you should come to Siberia.
Siberia has been opening up to the West and offers a range of still unexplored experiences and opportunities. As the cultural, scientific and educational center of Siberia, surrounded by picturesque wooded and field areas, Novosibirsk is an excellent place for immersion in the Russian language and culture, and provides many opportunities to experience the hospitality and cordiality Siberians are famed for.

Q: Things to bring for use in class

A: If you have any favourite textbooks, please bring a sample of these, as we like to share resources. Please also do bring small gifts and souvenirs for the students, as it is a Russian tradition to exchange small gifts. Most of our former international
participants always had some small nice presents for children. These included post cards, pens, markers, small books, badges, small toys, cookies, some souvenirs related to their country, etc. Some small and inexpensive stuff. This is of course optional and is certainly not a must but we just wanted to let you know what have been done in the past. There are always returning teachers at the camp who will be bringing gifts for the children so it has become a tradition already.
On the first day of the session all international participants will do their presentations. It's a presentation of the country/culture as well as a personal presentation for which you can bring some items related to your country and the area you come from such as flags, posters, national symbols, maps, leaflets, picture books, or even some small traditional food items such as sweets, cookies etc., that you can demonstrate to the students of the camp to introduce the students to some aspects of your culture (we also arrange a display of the items which belong to different cultures and we will really appreciate it if you could contribute something about your country and culture and the area you come from). You can bring over a video/music tape or a computer presentation. If you are coming to participate in the winter camp it is always recommended to bring some items related to Christmas and Christmas traditions in your country.
As far as the teaching materials are concerned, each teacher is free to choose and bring over the materials he/she considers to be appropriate and informative for each topic. These can be course-books, textbooks, exercise-books, grammar exercises, magazine and newspaper articles, video, educational and music tapes, questionaries for discussion, quizzes, role-plays, fun games and activities, etc., all related to the theme of the day. Daily themes will be sent to each prospective volunteer teacher at least two months prior to the starting date of the session.
It is useful to bring glue, scotch tape, coloured pencils and pens for use in class. Some teachers like to bring their notebook computer in order to give presentations, it is recommended but not necessary.

Q: Why should I come to Novosibirsk?

Q: Is there anyone whom I can speak to/e-mail who has attended previous camps?

A: Yes, of course! Many of our volunteer teacher and students return year after year and are always glad to give recommendations of our programme. In particular, Stephen Beet, who attends regularly and helps to coordinate the volunteer teachers, is always willing to help in any way. He is able to provide e-mail addresses of teachers and students who would be glad to help. Stephen’s e-mail address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
To receive a list of contacts for some other former participants please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
You can also click here to see what our former participants have to say about the Cosmopolitan programs.

Q: What kind of teaching materials and supplies to be used in class does the camp have?

A: We do have some teaching materials that can be used: course- books like "Headway", The New Cambridge English Course", etc., other textbooks, some educational video and computer CDs. We also prepare a selection of printouts to be used for each topic of the day which our prospective volunteer teachers are free to use.
In terms of the supplies, we have some basic resources such as paper, card, markers, paints, selotape, scissors, glue, etc. There is a copying machine available. There is also a computer, and teachers will have an opportunity to use it to print out some assignments if necessary. There is also a VCR, CD-players, DVD-player, tape-recorders available.

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