Cultural and Social Programme

near_zhyli-byli_russian_restaurant.jpgThe cultural and social programme is viewed as educational and entertaining part of the students' study programme and is aimed at:
Getting to know the Russian culture and various aspects of every-day life;
Extending and deepening existing knowledge of the Russian language and use of it in real life situations.

Peculiarity of our courses consists in combination of individual intensive tuition and extensive social and cultural programs, and this is what makes our Russian studies programs different from the ones offered by other schools. Our standard course also includes dynamic "live and learn" intercultural conversational sessions, which take place outside of the classroom in the afternoons three days per week (usually on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

These sessions are designed so that students must use the Russian that they have been learning in class, but in real-life situations. With the assistance of their teacher or the program coordinator, students carry out everyday tasks in Russian, such as shopping, going directions.jpgto the bank, buying stamps to mail a postcard, asking for directions, and asking for specific information, etc.

This is a unique opportunity for students to build their confidence in the language and gain insights into the society. This part of the program is very intensive, effective, and fun. It gives you an excellent opportunity to experience different parts of the city and activities you might miss otherwise. You will be able to hear and use Russian in "the real world", with your own personal instructor to help you and make sure this is common and useful language that will really have you feeling like part of the community.

In addition to learning the Russian language, the cultural program of the school, being flexible, diversified and including many stimulating learning activities, is an extraordinarily enriching and rewarding experience. Within the Russian studies programme the school organizes at least two outings a week, such as tours of the city and visits to museums/galleries/theaters/concert halls, etc. We also help students to plan their own social activities if they want to do in_the_regional_studies_museum.jpgsomething extra like to go to a swimming pool or a gym, visit a cinema or some sports events in the city. During the weekend and on completion of the course, excursions to other historically and culturally important destinations can be organized.

Upon arrival in Novosibirsk you will receive a list of excursions scheduled within your Russian studies programme, and also a list of extra cultural and social activities that can be organized by the school at additional cost. Our programme coordinator works individually with each student to organize various after-class activities and provide extensive weekend leisure options for the students.

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